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  1. GAK. That was just…weird. I actually like certain kinds of country music, and I thought…”How bad can it be?” Jesus Christ on rollerskates…that was bad beyond all reckoning. What’s next…Eddie Van Halen playing the Dulcimer? Blasphemy.

  2. Con la emoción, me dejé la llave de la taquilla en el spa sin darme cuenta, así que después de ducharme tuve que ir hasta el spa, toalla a la cintura, a por mi llave… Y me lo crucé y seguí pensando que estaba cañón…Claaaaaro, que fue a posta lo de dejarte la llave, que fue todo un lapsus…El domingo que viene, en la sesión de filosofía, toca hablar de Freud, me han dicho, no?Ah, y depilación masculina no! Como mucho, recorte del pelo en zonas especialmente hirsutas!

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  4. Wenn wir das machen, fragen uns die Leute sicherlich ob wir einerseits einen Volltreffer haben und andererseits nicht über wichtigere Themen zu berichten wissen. Ich habe mich nur gefragt warum ein Duo aus nem Mann und ner Frau sich Schlampen nennen. Ob sie nun leicht zu haben oder einfach nur unordentlich sind, ist erstmal egal

  5. De toutes façons, les référenceurs devront en permanence s’adapter à de nouveaux algos, et des mises à jours toujours plus puissantes. Google Panda était la dernière plus puissante mise à jour, et il a fait beaucoup de morts (ou d’heureux) dans le secteur… Il faut vivre avec et savoir s’adapter. Merci pour ce brillant article.

  6. D comentou em 7 de julho de 2012 às 00:20. Puta que pariu, quanto clichê.Vocês blogueiros de moda deveriam ficar só na parte técnica mesmo porque quando vão romantizar fica assim.

  7. No tedy,samé neveselé zvířecí čtení. U Gabro Megan:-( u Vás Mikeš. Je mi to moc líto, ti chlupatí miláčci opravdu dovedlou přirůst k srdci. Nový kocourek je ale nádherný, tak jemu i Vám přeji krásné sžívání.

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  9. Actually, you weren’t wrong. I wasn’t sure I would ever do another Scarlet novel, so I ended the series as best I could at the point I could. Even though there was always much more to the story than what was in the first books, I wasn’t at all certain I would ever get to write it all. I’m still not promising that there will be more after this 4th book, so I’m making it a self-contained novel with no cliff-hanger stuff. HOWEVER… I’m anticipating that Scarlet and Liall’s adventures will continue. Thanks for reading!

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    OMG, my boyfriend does the same thing! But he takes it one step further and will wear it for an entire day so he can show it off at work! Sometimes I don’t claim him

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    The new thing lets youtube lag to freakin much. All video's are processing way slower then usaul (or has this nothing to do with the new embedded player?)

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  20. Dear Tony & family ………….look down and you will see a name from the past and sorry for having lost touch over recent years.Try the Aussie alternative of Vegimite ………goes great on any fresh baguette. Planning on a very much over-due return visit to France later in the year. Best wishes. Geof

  21. Vänta bara ett par Ã¥r tills knodden i magen börjat pÃ¥ dagis, dÃ¥ kommer lucia-stämningen Ã¥ter. När de sedan börjar sjunga för en pÃ¥ morgonen med mikrotinade lussekatter i högsta hugg, dÃ¥ är lyckan total 🙂

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  23. Daß die Schmidt-Forschung Jahrzehnte benötigte, das Thema der Gefangenschaft zu bemerken, dürfte eben in der angesprochenen Zeitbefangenheit der Zeitgenossen begründet liegen, wenngleich diese etwas entdecken mögen, das die Späteren nicht mehr zu erkennen in der Lage sind. Mit der Offenheit meinte ich auch eher, daß es für Arno Schmidt selbst u. U. sehr klar war, was die Szenerie für ihn selbst bedeutete, so daß er damit rechnete, es irgendwann entdeckt, seine Kaputtheit offen gelegt zu sehen.

  24. Jag är lite smÃ¥tt förälskad i denna stämpeln *skriver genast upp pÃ¥ önskelistan*.Och du är grym som vanligt…!!! Bara älskar receptboken!

    • Irene says:

      Thanky Thanky for all this good inoinmatfor!

    • clore nos pérégrinations au pays des EnR, Perrine nous invitait à la rencontre d’ Hervé Guichemerre, un agriculteur engagé pour l’environnement. Il s’est ainsi doté d’un séchoir

    • Oh Nic they are GORGEOUS!!! Not only perfect macs but the hearts are so perfect! Lovely! Man you have so perfected the macaron! And I agree that Valentine's Day just screams for chcolate! Thanks for baking these beauties for Mactweets! ((hug))

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      Great photos Steve! Your mom sure was a beauty.I wonder how many women (probably most) shared “pin up” type photos of themselves with their men overseas. Swimsuit photos were obvious choices. In a way it’s not so very different from the cell phone flirting that goes on today… the “think of me, desire me” message comes out loud and clear.

  25. Is this a good thing or an admission that Ray isn’t selling enough books? That he would take on a title with Google seems a bit beneath him. Consultant, yes but a Directorship position, no.

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    Stort tillykke med fødselsdagen søde Simone Håber du får en dejlig dag! Og det med at du ikke føler dig klar til diskursanalyse, det skal du ikke være ked af. Det er også noget møg! Du er ikke alene

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    That’s a smart way of looking at the world.

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    YES! and incidentally, your soren and jwz really need to know each other IRL. except for that pesky you-guys-moved-to-LA was a pleasure to arrive home last night to soren taking pictures of sara and mike’s facial reactions to disgusting butt plug pictures, i must say.

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  34. 19:58Jag är ledsen, men ditt inlägg är av, eeehhh… av det mer svÃ¥rbegripliga slaget. Det var säkert välment, men prova styckeindelning och punktering nästa gÃ¥ng.

  35. You have to be kidding me Jerry, Syracuse fourth. They had one bad game, outside of that they have been bludgeoning their opponents all year. Come on Jerry start watching some basketball. I know you hate boeheim, but be objective.

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  37. Thank You Kayzy for your comments. I did not make the pumpkin but I thought it would look great with my little bear. I have added a P.S. to my post above to read about the pink pumpkins.

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  69. Hehe, du har valgt fjellet og jeg har valgt skogen, jammen er vi sunne 🙂 Dette er favorittbildet mitt Petunia, det sier sÃ¥ utrolig masse om følelsene til naturen og følelsene mellom mennesket og dets beste venn – utrolig stemning i dette bildet! Jeg fortsetter Ã¥ ønske God pÃ¥ske jeg – her har vi knall pÃ¥ske vær i dag 🙂

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  86. Lazy research in historical novels driver me crazy. I won’t fact-check everything (I’m not that anal), but if something I know is wrong jumps out at me it bounces me right out of the story. I hate it when that happens.

  87. in #92 seems accurate–except that I overstated what a military presence might entail by assuming it would involve the continued pursuit of terrorist strongholds. I think McCain’s words are consistent with Obama’s rhetoric. They are also consistent with a soldier’s worldview.Clark–I know you already know this, but a president doesn’t choose the Supreme Court justices; he nominates them. Remember Bork?

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