My Disposable Tiny Men Giantess SFX

Roxie, Whitney and Quin are done with their workout and chatting as they cool off. They start gossiping and Whitney complains about how sore her feet are. Roxie quickly chimes in that she may have just the trick! Quin and Whitney ask her what she means. Roxie then explains to her girlfriends about this new product on the market. It’s a ten pack of tiny shrunken men. Whitney and Quin laugh thinking she is crazy. They can’t believe there is such a thing. That is till Roxie opens her and out drops a tiny man. The girls are shocked it’s a real life little man! Roxie explains that they are great for rubbing sore tired feet and immediately puts him to work on her soles. The other girls watch in amazement as the tiny man rubs Roxies feet with all his might. The girls then have him service Whitneys and Quins feet. But Quin notices that mayb the work load maybe a little toomuch for this little one as he starts rubbing his arms as they tire. Roxie says no problem as she has 8 more left in her pack and after all..they are disposable! The girls all stand over him and order him to lay down then the three girls quickly crush him under all three of their soles. Time to break out another one!

Title: My Disposable Tiny Men Giantess SFX

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Added on: December 5th, 2016

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