Bad Room Mates SFX

Maria and Katarina are both 19 year old freshmen in college. Their parents have been friends for years and hence have forced the two to room together at college. There’s a big problem however. The girls have an intense hatred for each other. Maria has always been a party , blowing off classes to drink at the beach while her much more studious roomie Katarina has been an exemplary student, especially in her chemistry classes. Maria has always held it against Katarina and hated her for being so smart, so she has gone to great lengths to annoy the hell out of her by eating and drinking all of her food whenever she has come home late at night and leaving messes everywhere.

Title: Bad Room Mates SFX

Duration: 13:08

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Category: Giantess, Giantess Special Effects

Added on: March 15th, 2016

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